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Big'un's Adventure

Kinda early one morning Mom got a call.  I didn't know then what it was about but Grethen, the German shepherd,  was at the fire station by Noccalula Falls.  I saw Mom getting ready to go out and not wanting to stay home alone, I ran out the door behind her.  Oh........ joy.......... this is a fun.   If I run, Mom chases me.  Dashing behind the neighbor's house, I hide so Mom can't see me.  I can hear her walking around calling me..... but I'm not ready to go in.  

I didn't know how frustrated Mom was because the fireman was holding Gretch until she got there and she felt she had to go pick her up.  All I knew was that I was having fun and in a little while Mom wasn't calling me anymore.  Oh...... I was having the bestest time....... jumping in the leaves.... chasing the squirrels.... all sorts of fun things. 

 Meanwhile Mom jumped in car to go pick up Gretchen and within 5 minutes was back hunting me.  Several of her friends came over to help her but I didn't know this at the time - I was too busy running and playing.  Before long I'd gotten tired and thirsty and was ready to go home.  But.......horrors..... I didn't know the way.


I saw a man raking leaves and, thinking he might help me, ran and jumped up on his leg.  He was really startled.  He called his wife out and she took me and gave me some water.  They didn't know where I belonged though. They decided to tie me to their front porch in hopes that my people would drive by and see me.   I saw the lady looking in the newspaper and later learned she was looking in the lost and found ads to see if someone had lost me. 




During this time Mom had grown tired of searching for me.  She never thought that I could get as far away as I did - it was nearly a mile - so she didn't drive by the house where I was tied. She called the newspaper to place a "lost dog" ad but it was too late to get it into the next day's paper.  Not knowing what else to do, she printed up some flyers with my picture and posted them in the neighborhood stores. 


That night, the lady brought me in and I met their poodle named Puddles. Puddles didn't like me and kept growling and trying to bite me.  The lady had to put me in the bathroom to keep us separated and I didn't like that.  I barked and barked to let her know it but she wouldn't let me out.  Early the next day she checked the newspaper again but did not see where anyone was hunting me.  She decided then to carry me to the local Humane Society..... so away we went.


There were some nice people there but there were soooooooo many other animals there.  They put me in a cage but I barked so much and they thought I was so cute that they finally let me out and kept me up front with them.  A lot of strange people came in and several wanted to take me home with them but the people there said they couldn't adopt me out yet.  Closing time came and they had to put me back in the cage.   I sure didn't like that.  Like I said....  they were nice to me.... but this wasn't home.  I stayed there all that day and night.  Meet my new friends I met there by clicking here.


The next morning, the lady who had found me saw the flyer posted at the local convenience store.  She called Mom and told her where I was.  Mom sent Lori down to get me.  Boy was I glad to see her.  She brought me home and Mom bathed and groomed me.  I didn't even fuss 'cause I was so glad to be home.  Guess I'll stay in the house now or at least not run from Mom if I go outside. 

All's well that ends well..... but I'll try not to upset Mom anymore.  I heard her saying something about taking me to the vet and having me neutered.  Wonder what that's all about?  Click here to see what Mom has to say about it.

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Updated Jan.2, 2002