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Win our Award

I like awards... so I thought I'd ask Mom to make some awards to give to the best sites that we come across as I make friends across the web.  If you'd us to visit you, please email Mom and tell her for which award you'd like to be considered.



This is the award mom made for animal related sites.   So if you think your site is a good animal site apply for this one.  We're not too hard to please so more than likely you'll get my "Mark of Approval".



We came across so many good sites that weren't animal related that we had to do a separate award for these. 





Just to make life interesting Mom decided to pick the best site of the month and give an additional award.  Any site that has gotten either of the above rewards is eligible for consideration.  Since this is a new award ... she will soon start a new page and list all the Sites of the Month.


If you think your site deserves an award for all your hard work please email Mom and give her the following information:

  1. Name of Your Site

  2. Your URL or Web Address

  3. Your Name

  4. Your Email Address

  5. Which award you're interested in

You should hear from her shortly 'cause she stays at the computer a lot.


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