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Meet some of my new friends at the

Humane Society of Etowah County

Meet Cathy (holding me), Cindy (in middle), and Lori.  They're the sweet people that took care of me during my visit.

This is Daisy.  She's kinda a mascot around there.  Mom has seen her before when she had to get Gretchen out when she was picked up for roaming.  Daisy is HUGE.  I wouldn't even make a meal for her

I don't know the names of all the other dogs there.  I wasn't close enough to do anything but see them... but I know if I'd have gotten closer they would have been my friends.  Maybe someone will come and adopt them.  Their owners never came looking for them.  How sad.



There were some other dogs  (and cats) there to be adopted but Mom didn't have another disk to take more pictures with.  Maybe she'll take me back to visit one day - but I don't want to stay there again.  Home is just a fine place for me.


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Updated 12/6/01