My name is "Big'un.  I'm a new Maltese puppy that my human "mom" has gotten.  I asked her to introduce me to to world 'cause I think I'm so great.  I'll let you meet me, my new family and friends - humans and critters alike - and let you see how I spend my days.

Let me tell you about my name:

Actually I have a high-faluting pedigree name of  Angel-Lite Chance's Cadmiel.  I was named that because:

  1. I came from Angel-Lite Maltese (Secret: They have some cuter puppies than me, but don't tell Mom, she thinks there's no one like me.  Visit their website and see what you think. .

  2. My dad's name was Chance of Windsong and I want to grow up to be just like Dad.

  3. She got the "Cadmiel" from an angel's name who was implemented in the destiny of humans.  His task was to make sure that everyone accomplished his own destiny.  His favorite sentence was: "if the soul goes to the right, don't go to the left."  That pretty much sums up Mom's philosophy on life of "if it feels right, do it - or trust your instincts".  I feel like I've pretty much lived up to my name....... I've helped her fulfill her destiny of owning me, haven't I?

So -  why does she call me "Big'un"?  Well, she tells everyone it's because for such a little scrap of a dog (she considers 6 pounds little- humph), I seem to think I'm a "big'un".  You're darn tooting I am.

Anyway... enough about me for the moment.  Go see my family and friends. 

When you get a chance please sign my guestbook.  I like to know who came by to see me. 

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