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Other Critter's at Home

I guess I need to put the other "dog" first.  Gretchen really is a dog, not human like me.  She gives Mom fits.... She is supposed to live in our back yard.  However, for some reason she thinks she's not getting enough of the action and escapes from the back.  We have a chain link fence around our half acre back yard and mom has put up an electric fence around the top of it.  She's also gone around and staked down the bottom of the fence but Gretchen persists in getting out.  She's cunning about it too.  Mom has tried to watch her and see how or where she gets out but ol' Gretch is too smart for that.  She never tries to get out when anyone is watching.  Most times she only comes to the car port at the front and lies at the door - but sometimes she's still not getting enough company and trots off down to the local quick serve store or hamburger joint.  Sometimes though she roams the neighborhood or visits the campgrounds at Noccalula Falls which is about 2-3 blocks away  Mom finally had a tag made up with her name and phone number on it to attach to Gretchen's collar.  We've met more interesting people than you could imagine going to collect Gretchen. 


Now for the Cats


Abner is a neutered tom cat that stays in the house most of the time.  He hasn't decided whether he likes me or not.  Mom says she's had him about 7 years.  She rescued him from the side of the road where it appeared he'd jumped out from under a car - judging from the grease on him, she said.  He's a "big boy" and weighs about three times what I do.  I pretty much know I'd better leave him alone.  He is willing to share Mom's bed with me at night though, as long as I don't bark a lot and don't get within a foot of him.  I've noticed he's a bit on the lazy side also  as you can tell from his picture.  This seems to be his favorite position. 


Cassie is a really shy cat.  A lot of people don't even know that Mom has her.  She hides in the bedroom when someone comes in.  Mom says she's been that way since she appeared as a tiny kitten, huddled at the carport door.  She doesn't want me near her but I know she wouldn't hurt me.  One bark from me and she runs skittering down the hallway and sliding on the hardwood floor into the bedroom.  The only cat that has to watch out for her is  P C and for some reason Cassie doesn't like PC and will chase her whenever she can.

Cocoa is another one of the cats Mom has had a long time.  She raised her from a tiny kitten.  Someone left Cocoa outside a friends store before her eyes were even open.  Mom kept her alive by feeding her with an eyedropper until she was old enough to eat.  I haven't seen much of her but I know Mom worries because Cocoa was her closest buddy for a long time.  She couldn't sit in her chair without Cocoa being in her lap .  Cocoa must be afraid of me.  I hope she gets over it... I'll share Mom's lap.  You may notice that Cocoa has no tail.  She wasn't born that way.  An accident happened.  Lori threw something in the dryer on top of some other clothes  and turned it on to get the wrinkles out.  She  didn't know Cocoa was in there and by the time Mom realized what the clunking noise was, Cocoa was almost dead from a heat stroke and had broken her tail.  Mom revived her by putting her a sink of cool water and giving her a baby aspirin but she had to have her tail amputated.   It doesn't seem to bother her now though.

Crackhead  or Mama Cat  is the smallest cat in the house.  Lori found her abandoned  at a local park one night when it was pouring down rain and brought her home.  She has two names because Lori named her Crackhead (she said because of the line on white hair on the top of her head that looks like a crack) but Mom didn't like that name.  She started calling her Mama Cat after Mom failed to get her spayed early enough and she had a litter of kittens.  She stays outside a lot and is forever bringing Mom presents.  I'm not sure Mom really appreciates the dead birds, squirrels, chipmunks, or baby rabbits that Mama Cat brings to the back door.  I think they're kind of neat but Mom won't let me play with them.


PC  is a strange cat.  She slinks around and is really nervous.  Of course part of it is because Cassie is always after her, but she panics if I even open my mouth.  I don't know why.... I wouldn't hurt her and she's bigger than me anyway. She likes to stay on top of things as you can see from the picture.  Mom has her because she'd said she always wanted a calico cat so when one of Lori's friends cats had a calico kitten, Lori brought it home.  I guess the logic is that there's always room for one more.   Good thing too since I'm the latest that she's added.


Crook here is my buddy.  Maybe it's because she's white too but she's adopted me.  She lies in Moms' lap with me or even in the chair if Mom's busy.  She seems to like grooming me and is forever licking me.  I tried to scare her at first but she never raised a hair when I barked - just laid there looking at me as if to say, "Whatcha gonna do now big boy?"  You could tell I certainly didn't scare her.  I guess if she can teach Gretchen manners and how to act around a cat, she knew she didn't have to worry about me. 

Ringo  is another cat Mom says that lives here part-time.  He's a big gray and white tom cat and hasn't been around when Mom was taking pictures.  He must be out "tom-catting" around.  I'm sure we'll get along fine - as long as he stays out and I stay in.

Update: Mom finally got  a picture.  He's kinda rough looking isn't he.  Guess he has to be with all the fighting he does.


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