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My Human Family

There are 3 humans in my home-besides me that is.

She's a retired teacher/social worker.  Since she retired a couple of years ago she's been become a perpetual student.  She's taken cabinet making and upholstery at Gadsden State Community College and now "plays" at woodworking and  upholstery in the big storage building in the back yard.  Mom can't decide what class she wants to take next - cake decorating (sounds good), sign language, small engine repair or some class to learn to work on her computer.  I forgot to mention she stays at the computer a lot - making web pages like this and the one for Angel-Lite Maltese  or playing spades.  She loves to do crafts - her current ones are painting gourds and making  birdhouses and painting light bulbs as Christmas ornaments.  She sews a lot too.  She is really a pack rat but that's OK... it means I can find lots of things to play with.. LOL.


She's the sweetheart of the family.  She's 20 now.  Mom says she's mentally challenged.... and has something called Down's Syndrome.  She is in a school/training center all morning but loves to play with me and brush me when she gets home.  She'd let me sleep with her if Mom didn't want me in bed with her.  She also likes to dress me up in some of her doll's clothes.  Mom's gonna try to get a picture of me in those.  Mom complains of Crista being stubborn but Mom's pretty stubborn too.  Crista like to sneak into the kitchen and get food... but I don't mind.- she shares with me. 


She's the busy one of the family.  She's 19 and a student at Gadsden State Community College with plans for a degree in radiology.  She also works part time in a clothing store.  When she's not working or going to classes she's always out riding around in her new - '97 Honda Accord - car with her friends.  She can always find somewhere to go and loves to keep the road hot.  She likes to play with me too when she's at home and sometimes brings her friend's poodle over to visit with me.  I really like Bridgette, the poodle.   Lori and Mom can get into some real rip-its at times.  Mom seems to think she should stay home more and help out a little more.  Someone told me all Mom's think that of teenagers... I'm not sure.

Our House

I thought you might want to see where we lived... Mom had a snapshot so here it is.  It's not fancy but it is big and comfortable. Mom says she'd rather have a house that everyone is comfortable in than a spotless one - so if you see a little dust or cat hair, don't let it bother you.

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