Our Award Page

Mom wants to thank all of those who gave us awards.  Help her show her appreciation by visiting their sites.


Our very first award......... Mom's so proud.  She's expecting more though - if for no other reason than I'm so cute.


Oh!  Wow!  We've won another - This is just the beginning.



  The ball's starting to roll now - I knew people would like me when they met me.


Another ....... and this one put me in Birthday Club too.  I'm wiggling so hard I can't stand it.


Who could keep from smiling at this award from Hank?


Gosh... another award from a great site.  She has so much more than pets on her site.  If you have any interest in Paint Shop Pro this is a must see site.


  Oh my,  they keep coming.... Where'm I gonna put'em all?



Mom think's I'm getting too big for my britches... but people must love me.... I keep getting awards.  If you want to see more of the people who admire me click here.

Are you interested in being considered for an award from me.  If so click here.

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